6 Amazing Water Parks To Cool-Off The Heat In Dubai In 2021

In Dubai, you can find anything that you want. From luxurious apartments at Burj Al Arab to enticing District one villas for sale in Dubai, the place offers you everything. Dubai, as a major tourist destination in the United Arab Emirates, has a range of fantastic water parks that are guaranteed to delight families, friends, and people of all ages. There are huge swings, wave pools, and many mini rides made especially for kids. In the guide below, we’ll go through six of them where you can cool off in 2021.

  1. Wild Wadi Water Park

Wild Wadi is Dubai’s first Arabian-themed water park, right in front of the famous Burj Al Arab. It used to be home to the world’s largest water slide, but it was taken out of service in favor of newer rides. Wild Wadi is famous worldwide, and it has also appeared on the television shows, The Amazing Race and The Amazing Race Asia. It’s near to the Mall of the Emirates on Jumeirah Road. Breaker’s Bay, the Middle East’s biggest wave pool; Jumeirah Sceirah, a 108-foot long water slide; Burj Surj, and Masters Blasters are among the best rides at this Dubai water park.

  1. Atlantis Aquaventure

Aquaventure has grown as a tourist destination in Dubai, with many tourists coming to the city solely to enjoy this exciting water park. Atlantis Aquaventure is a wonderful place for the family to spend a day, with record-breaking slides and a shark-filled lagoon that puts you in near vicinity to sharks in captivity. It also has a lovely private beach that you can use after you’ve reached the park. Creative waterslides, one-of-a-kind rides and facilities, and, of course, dangerous slides for thrill-seekers are what keep this waterpark so unique. The Leap of Faith, a 9-story tall water coaster that rockets you down in seconds, is one of Atlantis’ most famous rides. Shark Attack and Cownose Feeding get you up close and personal with these magnificent marine animals.

  1. Yas Waterworld

Yas Waterworld, which is based on Yas Island and is ranked ninth in the Top 25 Water Parks category of TripAdvisor’s Traveler’s Choice Contest, is undoubtedly something thrill addicts should visit as soon as possible. There are over 40 rides in all, all of which are one-of-a-kind in the country.

  1. Laguna Water Park

This is one of Dubai’s latest water parks, and it’s situated at the La Mer Hotel, which has a lovely waterfront and promenade. This water park has four separate zones (Surf, Relax, Slide, and Splash) to ensure that everybody has a nice time. There are five major swings, as well as a pool lounge, a wave pool, and a special children’s area. The Ultimate Surf Machine, one of only three in the world, is its most famous feature. The Aqualoop and the Mad Racer are two other rides. For a low price, day tickets at Laguna grant you keys to all of these private spaces.

  1. Splash N Party

While adults will have a great time here, Splash n Party is designed specifically for children aged two to ten years old. It’s a great venue for children’s celebrations, and the waterpark can handle big crowds with ease. It’s a lively, colorful, and secure area for kids to wander around and enjoy the park’s water rides. The water depths are limited to waist level and the slides are built for shorter heights than normal parks.

  1. Ice Land Water Park

Ice Land Water Park, as its name implies, is themed around the ice, making it a wonderful place to cool off in Dubai’s sun. It’s in Ras Al Khaimah, which is about an hour’s drive from Dubai. Ice Land Water Park has fifteen rides, a private pool, access to the beach, and a dedicated entertaining crew to keep the kids entertained in the park. It has a breathtaking view of the Hajar Mountains to the east, which makes for magnificent sunsets. The park occupies an area of more than 100,000 square meters. Penguin Falls, the world’s highest manmade waterfall, as well as the aqua soccer pool and the snorkeling pool, are its major attractions.

This is all from our side. We hope that this guide will provide you help in choosing the next destination for your picnic. If you are looking for a place to relocate with your family, go for Arabian Ranches villas for sale in Dubai to live a lavish life.